Parent Praise

This is a space for sharing positive memories, stories, and highlights of being a part of the Integrity Charter School Community

To add your praise to our site; please send your comments to Mrs. Libna Lopez.

"This July, I saw the staff working hard to install new carpet in the school. Thanks so much for maintaining a safe and welcoming space for our students" -Craig Leach

"Mrs. Karina treats our daughter really nicely." -2nd grade parent.

"I appreciate Ms. Langdon for sparking an interest in reading with my child"

" Mr. Fernandez always has good manners and a good approach with parents and students."

"I am thankful for Ms. Gibson because she's amazing and has helped my child become confident in math."

"Ms. Ortega is great at supporting teens because I know it's not always easy."

"I appreciate Mrs. Brink for always being available when we need her even if it's at night.

"Mrs. Haw is always so professional and you can tell she really cares about kids."

"Ms. McElhaney communicates events with us and keeps us in the loop."

"I appreciate Ms. Langdon for sparking an interest in reading with my child."

"Ms. Amanda is an excellent person and is always on top of everythong. She is just amazing."

"Mrs. Haw boosts my child's confidence in math tutoring."

"Ms. Gabriel is just amazing and the best!"

"Thank you to Amanda, Patty, and Janette for being wonderful and supporting our kids"

"Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Wernderoth, and Ms. Barriga, for being awesome to our kids"

"Ms. McElhaney for having an activity that involved everyone and having a warm, inviting classroom"