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servicios de apoyo estudiantil y familiar

Hello Students and Parents! The goal of this page is to offer emotional support resources that may help support you during this challenging time. Many parts of all of our lives have changed in this short time, and we are each experiencing this change in our own unique way. It is normal to feel stressed, confused, thrown-off-balance, or even scared during this time. You are not alone! This is why we have our families, friends, teachers and our communities to support each other.

Please check back at this page as we will be posting different activities or things to do/watch that could help bring a smile to your face! :)

Hola estudiantes y padres! El objetivo de esta página es para ofrecer recursos de apoyo emocional que puedan ayudarlo durante este momento difícil. Muchas partes de todas nuestras vidas han cambiado en este corto tiempo, y cada uno de nosotros está experimentando este cambio de una manera única. Es normal sentirse estresado, confundido, desequilibrado o incluso asustado durante este tiempo. ¡No estas solo! Es por eso que tenemos nuestras familias, amigos, maestros y nuestras comunidades para apoyarse mutuamente.

Vuelva a consultar esta página, ya que estaremos publicando diferentes actividades o cosas que hacer / mirar que podrían ayudarlo a sonreír. :)

Remember to take care of yourself!

Try to do 5 in a row this week and share with your teacher!

How many Peaceful acts can you do and check off?

Let's see who does the most in your class!

Get up & moving with Mrs. Jose!


Civic-mindedness & Earth Day Ideas

    • National Geographic at Home has many fun animal resources.
    • Earth day drawing lessons on Kids Hub
    • Disney and Disney+ channel are bringing us the magic of nature!
    • Plant seeds in your home! Keep your fruit seeds and plant in a cup or pot in front of a window. Here's how
    • Regrow kitchen scraps like celery, carrots & onions Here's how
    • Make a geode with an egg shell! Here's how!
    • Look up ways to have ZERO WASTE like using less paper products, reducing one use containers, and using cloth napkins, dish towels and glass jars. Watch Mrs. Wright’s video!
    • Learn how to compost.Cut back on veggie scraps trash & create a nutrient-rich compost mixture that can give your garden a boost! Homemade composter video
    • Make a bird feeder with items you have at home! Here are 32 ways!
    • Build a terrarium How to video
    • Build a bug hotel How-to video
    • Research ways to save energy in your home: such as switching to LED bulbs, turning off the AC when you’re not home and other simple, energy-efficient ideas. 25 tips to get started
    • Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Here's a photo scavenger hunt
Enjoy this video of Ms. McElhaney singing "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars. She plays it on her ukelele! Do you have a song that makes you happy? Or an instrument you like to play? We would love to hear it!

Life is different right now, for everyone. We are having to make huge adjustments in our daily school routines and that will bring up some emotions, big emotions.

To help you better understand what your kids dealing with, talk through this worksheet!

Check out Mrs. Wright's kids cooking videos!

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