Mr. Dave Rodriguez

Third Grade Teacher - Math and Science/Social Studies

Invest. Instill. Inspire

Mr. R's Teaching Philosophy

· Provide a safe growth-oriented environment by removing the stigma that surrounds failed attempts, promoting exploration, and providing opportunities for students to grow academically and on a social-emotional level. · Foster community through respect, encouragement, and giving students a voice. · Engage students by cultivating creativity, establishing a connection with students, and offering real world contexts.

Mr.R made this video to share his perspective on what it means to be a teacher and how kids learn. He even drew all the images himself.

More on teaching...

Mr. R is a graduate of UC Davis and Point Loma Nazarene University. His background in social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, perception, memory, and abnormal psychology has led him to place a great deal of value in teaching to the whole student. He believes that the best way to foster healthy sustainable growth is by supporting students cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Mr. R strives to teach conceptually, applicably, and appreciatively with the hope of guiding students to understand, value, and apply the content they engage.

Some stuff about Mr. R

Mr. R loves spending time with his family.
Mr. R loves learning new things. From juggling to sewing he is always willing to try something new. He sewed the dress above for his niece.
Mr. loves to read and write. One of his favorite quotes is something said by Robert Louis Stevension: "I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, and one to write in."
Mr. R loves to doodle. This is a Mickey Mouse sketch drawn by Mr. R.