Science Lab!
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latex gloves for dissecting
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Rosa Maria Mendez graduated from Biola University with a degree in Liberal Arts and studied abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico. She recently received her Master's degree from San Diego Christian College in Santee. She’s had the opportunity to teach at both public and private schools and is currently teaching at Integrity Charter School in National City. In the past several years she’s enjoyed teaching 2nd through 8th grades. Her students would describe her as unconventional, encouraging and always smiling.
Rosa Maria grew up in northern San Diego and is the first in her family to attain a higher education. Her goal as a teacher is to instil curiosity and a thirst for knowledge in her students. Her hobbies include investing in her students, hanging out with her husband Edgar, and dog Dozer.


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Our schedule for this year 2016-17 is the following:

Aug:   Being a Scientist
Sept-Nov:    Physical Science
Dec-Feb:    Life Science
Mar-Apr:    Earth and Space
May: Further Investigations


Frog Dissection

Lets get ready for February!

In order to get ready for our dissecting in February go through the following website to learn about the different parts of the frog, internal and external:

 More websites to come...


How to Think Like a Scientist

Thinking like a scientist does not mean you have to know everything nor be right about everything. "Thinking like a scientist: means you have to be willing to ask questions, investigate and be wrong about stuff. Here is a great example of having to change what you think because of what you learn.

How to Think Like an Engineer




Click on the websites below to learn more about energy:

Solar Energy

Click on the following websites to learn about Solar Energy 

Wind Energy

Click on the following websites to learn about Wind Energy

Mechanical Energy

Click on the following websites to learn about Mechanical Energy
Chemical Energy

Click on the following websites to learn about Chemical Energy

Electrical Energy

Click on the following websites to learn about Electrical Energy

Sound Energy

Click on the following websites to learn about Sound Energy

Gravitational Energy

Click on the following websites to learn about Gravitational Energy


The Body

The website below will take you to some themed games on the body.

As you play, think about what you already know and what new information you are gathering.
Have fun!

Body Games Click Here

Seed Dispersal

How do seeds disperse?

 What does the word DISPERSE mean?
Click here to find out!

Click here to see the seed dispersal video!

Looking Through A Microscope
What are you looking at?

Click on the links below to lean about what you are looking at.
Then write a brief summary about what you observed in the microscope.
Can you make any connections between what you observed and anything you have seen or heard before?

Some other interesting sites to visit:
Shocking Things Under Microscope (Part 1)
Shocking Things Under Microscope (Part 2)