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Attached is additional information for the Explorer's Report.
 Note: The History Fair will take place in class for the students on February 12, 2015. The second History Fair will take place during Family Friday at the end of the month of February. All family members will be invited to this event.

(Explorer's Report Due Friday, January 30th, 2015)

Each report will contain the following: 

  • Cover page : Title, picture, student name, date, Explorer’s Report 5th grade .
  • Illustration of flag
  • Typed/written neatly in pen (published report)
  • Map or route
  • Boat picture
  • Bibliography of books/internet sources/etc. used
  • History Fair Costume , Presentation, Interview on Feb. 12, 2015

 Each report will be typed and edited, and contain these topics: 

  • Interesting introduction and background information
  • Area(s) Explored
  • Events of life and voyages
  • Effects of the Exploration
  • What can we learn from this explorer and his explorations today?
  • Interesting Conclusion

Costumes and Presentation for History Fair:

Your child will create or buy a costume that will be suitable for your famous explorer. On the day of the History Fair your child will have to dress up, act like your explorer, and explain your explorer’s life and what they are “famous for”  5- 7 minutes. They will be interviewed by the class as well.

Explorer Report Information Sheet 

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Parents please look this packet over and discuss this project with your child.  Please place this packet in a safe place. Sign this page and return this sheet to Mrs. Bernardino as soon as possible.  Thank you for your support. 

ü Yes, I understand that my child has an explorer report due on Friday, January 30th, 2015, and that the History Fair will be held on February 12, 2015 in class.


Remember… All writing must be in student’s own words.  DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!




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