Uniform Policy

School uniforms will be available for sale at the beginning of each school year and will be available for purchase throughout the school year. School uniforms must be worn to all school events Monday - Friday, unless otherwise indicated.


Download Uniform Order Form - Here

Integrity Charter School Uniforms for Grades K-6 are:

Boys:       Green -ICS Logo- Polo Shirt

                Navy Blue Pants or Shorts (No jeans)

                Closed toe and heel shoes


Girls:        Green ICS Logo Polo Shirt

                Navy Blue Skirt, Pants, or Shorts (No cargo, No jeans, No leggings)                                                               

                Closed toe and heel shoes


Integrity Charter School Uniforms for Grades 7-8 are:

   Boys:         Navy Blue -ICS Logo- Polo Shirt

                     Khaki pants or shorts– Khaki style (No cargo/jeans)

                     Closed toe and heel shoes


   Girls:         Navy Blue -ICS Logo- Polo Shirt

                    Khaki pants, skirt, or shorts (No cargo/jeans, No leggings)

              Closed toe and heel shoes 

Integrity Charter School PE uniforms:

  Boys and Girls:      Navy Athletic shorts with ICS Logo

                            PE tracksuit uniform pant                              

                                Gray -ICS Logo- PE T-Shirt

                                 Athletic Shoes

Physical Education Program

Physical Education (PE) is a required class for all students unless excused by a physician. All students MUST be in the official uniform daily.

 Only ICS navy blue sweatshirts, Spirit sweatshirts, or PE tracksuit jacket will be allowed for outerwear. Students must have their name written on the tag of their sweatshirt and/or jacket. Returning students may continue to wear their uniform from last year, as long as it is the correct combination, the right fit, and in good condition.

Procedures if child is out of uniform:

Families are expected to support the school when an out-of uniform issue is determined. Parents are expected to bring a uniform in order for the child to attend class. If the parent is unable to bring in the uniform, a uniform will be loaned to the child (when/if available) and a cleaning fee of $5 will be charged.